“We need to get back to the basics that Tennesseans like you and me live by”

In the Senate I will address

Strong Dollar – We can not continue to go deeper in debt and mortgage the future of the next generation. I will fight to stop raising the debt ceiling.  We need to get back to being the most dominant reserve currency and we can’t do that by decreasing the value of the dollar.
Healthcare – We cannot continue to spend twice as much as any other free nation without any benefit. I have a plan to lower the cost curve, cover everyone without raising taxes.  (Read my plan here)

Opioid Crisis – Tennessee has long been on the front lines of the national public health emergency that is the current opioid addiction crisis.  In 2015, there were more opioid prescriptions than people in Tennessee.  Overdoses are now the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50. The number of Tennesseans dying from drug overdoses continues to jump by double digit growth year after year. A number that is projected to continue to increase.

Immigration – We have millions of undocumented immigrants in this country. Our current politicians have not wanted to deal with the problem because it can be so polarizing. As the son of immigrants I feel I can deal with the problem without being labeled.  Financially billions of dollars leaves this country from immigrants who fear that at any second they could lose it all. We have sons and daughters of these immigrants that hide in the shadows not fulfilling their potential or completely buying into the greatness of the country because of fear. All of these people could be a valuable resource in fueling a financial recovery. I want to sit down with both party members and devise a plan for documentation.  Any real healthcare plan needs an immigration solution.  I also believe in securing our borders. But no one is talking about the number one way that undocumented immigrants are here in
 the U.S. is by overstaying past the dates of their Visa.  We need to have honest discussions about solutions with appropriate action.
Foreign Trade – Foreign countries are no longer waiting for deals to happen with the United States.  Due to our financial situation foreign powers are going away from the old U.S. financial structure like the petrodollar and seeking their own ways of exchange. Countries like China are investing in their infrastructure to create new connections of commerce between foreign countries. We have talked about trade, infrastructure, connectivity but we are not making the correct policy decisions to insure our importance in the future.  We need to support tax laws that encourage our advanced US companies to reinvest here and not in other countries. We need to support infrastructure projects here so companies and jobs happen here.
Conclusion – We need to turn away from business as usual in DC where the lobbyists and special interest control our officials and policy. We need new blood in government. Career politicians are out of touch with what is happening with their constituents at the ground level. That is why these policies have not worked and get us deeper in a hole. We need our leaders in Tennessee to step up and become our leaders in Washington. We need to get back to the basics that Tennesseans like you and me live by.